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Game Statistics

66.0 %

of players sorted recycle incorrectly

75.0 %

of players sorted garbage incorrectly

57.0 %

of players sorted paper incorrectly

84.0 %

of players sorted food scraps incorrectly

Rank Name Score
1 Alexander The Dominator 2135
2 Get rekt Alex 2128
3 Going for the Cup 2121
4 Joann Li 2120
5 Mia Frier 2114
6 UBC Financial Operation Carbon Offsets Bike Team 2114
7 Sustainability Hero 2106
8 Miru Wang 2099
9 Ning Xiao 2098
10 I beat Alex 2098

About this Game

The main purpose of this game is to help faculty, alumni, and current students at UBC learn about our unique sorting system. You may be suprised at how some items need to be sorted. Alongside the goal of educating, this game also will collect data about how users sort common items, helping UBC better understand behaviours and attempt to rectify them through various initiatives.

Sustainablity Initiatives at UBC

UBC'S Commitments

Card subtitle

At UBC, we embrace sustainability as a societal conversation about the kind of world we want to live in, informed by an understanding of the ecological, social and economic consequences of our individual and collective actions.

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What types of data do we collect from this game?

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